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My OTP in LOTR, Legolas/Gimli! :D

I read some people saying that they can’t look at this pairing (everybody got its taste, of course, I’m not against it) but just because Legolas is too much beautiful for Gimli.

Eeeh no. 

Nobody had tell you that you can still like a person even if this person is ‘ugly’ ‘not handsome’ ‘very different from you’ etc? That even the personality of that person matters? How this person is?

Okay, I’m rumbling, but this kind of messages worries me. Maybe I’m old.

Sorry for the digression! 

By Dwarven standards Gimli is MALE MODEL MATERIAL okay. Just because Legolas is attractive by OUR STANDARDS, does not mean he is attractive by HIS OWN CULTURE’S. People are applying our own cultural standards to TWO OTHER CULTURES, neither of which are even human.

Elves are an extreme version of ONE culture’s ideal of beauty. Even in our own world, there have been and still are cultures where Legolas would be considered too unattractive for Gimli, and where looks like Gimli’s would bring all the boys to the yard. Please stop applying our cultural standards of beauty to two characters who they do not apply to, especially since even if they fall in love (personal headcanon: they do), it not only will have nothing to do with appearance, they will probably find each other beautiful because of that love, rather than because the other is attractive.

(This isn’t addressed to the op, but to the people referred to in the op itself.)

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